Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ice Cave, Baby

The Shoshone Ice Caves, a quintessential tourist trap in southern Idaho, is worth a stop if you find yourself traveling between Sun Valley and Twin Falls. The homespun operation features guided tours by local youths who put their own unique spin on the scripted spiel. It's kinda funky, kinda cool (well not kinda, it's around 30 degrees down there).

The weirdest part of the tour today was one of my fellow tourists casually pulled a can of Coors Light out of his pocket and popped it open--the slight difference in air pressure  in the cave caused the beer to spurt out of the can and send foam all over his arm. Pretty funny.


Parm said...

"We have a cold hole in the ground! Come see!"

Yep, that's Idaho. If only Route 66 had ventured further north.

I WISH you'd had your camera ready to snap a shot or two of Mr. Beer at just the right moment.

Elaine Linton said...

Very Cool!

W. "IPA Snob" Biscuit said...

Re: the "Mr. Beer" guy -- my fellow cave tour-ists were an odd couple. My interaction with them began earlier in the parking lot when I was snapping pics of the caveman riding the dino.

Mr. Beer: "Oooh...a guy taking a picture of a dinosaur! I'm going to get a picture of that!"

Mr. Beer's compadre: "Hey, I'm getting a picture of you getting a picture of him...har har har!"

Me: "Fine, I'll get a picture of the both of you taking a picture of me."

Judging by their accents, the two were from the east coast (Jersey, maybe) but more than anything they reminded me of Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars--kind of a yokel on the outside but very savvy in the "street smarts" department.

The beer-popping incident was made more amusing (to me, anyway) by the tour guide's assessment of Mr. Beer's beverage choice.

Young tour guide to Mr. Beer: "Coors Light? That stuff is crap. You need to stick with regular Coors--that's the good stuff!"

Parm said...

When it comes to beer, everyone's got a (strong) opinion, it seems.