Sunday, February 14, 2016

Inspired by Ditzler/Desiged by Hubbell/Gifted By The Buffums (Plus Odd Bonus Valentine Image)

This week, TSG digests the architectural curiosity that is Sonoma County's Sea Ranch Chapel

From the County website:

... this non-denominational chapel welcomes your visit. The 360-square-foot chapel and its grounds were gifts of Sea Ranch residents Robert and Betty Buffum in memory of Kirk Ditzler, a navy pilot, zoologist, and artist.
Ditzler’s drawings formed the basis for the chapel’s design, which was brought to life by architect/artist James Hubbell and a team of craftsmen and artisans using local materials. Hubbell also designed and crafted the windows, chandelier, doors, fountain, mosaics, and other elements in the chapel.

And here's that odd bonus Valentine image we promised you... 


Parm said...

From the outside that chapel looks like the helmet of a gay conquistador. On the inside, though, it is quite excellent. Great place to screen, say, a binge viewing of The Lord of the Rings.

As for the abused Ken doll . . . well, perhaps he's the gay conquistador who is out looking for his helmet?

W. "Let's all go to the lobby" Biscuit said...

RE: the chapel as screening room for LOTR--hmmm, it looks good thematically, but those seats/benches would definitely need some padding. Better yet would be to install some recliners like they have at Cinema Suites.

And a note about Ken's outfit--I think that it could work as a V-Day enticement(?) for either sex.

(1) Parm (to rule them all) said...

For that binge watching in the chapel, I was kind of just imagining stuffing the place with bean bag chairs.