Friday, January 1, 2016

A Message From The Martian Ambassador


Parm Attacks! said...

Those Mars Attacks! cards were awesome. I was living in Salinas at the time, and there was a machine at Dunn's five and dime store that sold them, and I would spend every nickel I had getting those things. The extras (and I had tons) were sold at school (Washington Jr. High School, to be precise) for a considerable profit and back to the machine I would go. Then that machine ran out, but I discovered another machine that had 'em. Things slowed down, though; I could ride my bike to Dunn's but this other machine was near a bowling alley many miles away and I could only get there when my Dad had a bowling league night. The cards ran out there, too, before I had the complete set. It was years later, thanks to the Internet, that I was able to view each and every wonderful card, front and back.

Although the Tim Burton movie wasn't especially faithful to the cards, it did preserve the horrible nature of the Martians to a T and that was good enough for me. I also fully agreed that virtually any Slim Whitman song, played sufficiently loud, would likely destroy any lifeform.

To this day, while many weird little action figures and such have been retired from my studio, I still keep a cool Mars Attacks! action figure in there. (Godzilla, too, is a keeper for me.)

So, yeah, kinda sayin' that this post is working for me, TSG.

yawndave said...

I have to hand it to the proprietor of that antique shop (Whatnots and Dodads on Lincoln) for adding that ACK! ACK! ACK! crown to the display. Very clever.

Elaine Linton said...


Ack Parm Ack said...

Elaine - exactly! Those cards were beyond creepy. Sooner or later, at least one of those cards was good to scare a little kid right out of a few hours of sleep at least.