Saturday, August 1, 2015

If You Missed The Steam-Up

Couldn't make it Brooks, Oregon this weekend for the 45th annual Great Oregon Steam-Up? TSG has you covered with pics from our visit earlier this year. In early May we were the only visitor. The crowd estimate this weekend is a bit higher--they expect about 7.000 people a day. Direct link to photo album


Parm said...

Tres cool. My great grandfather and his brother up in Minnesota were licensed steam engineers and owned and operated a huge steam-powered tractor thingee that was used in agriculture up there. Just a monster of a machine. I have some excellent photos that were taken back in the day of that machine and all the folks involved in running and using it.

W. "10K Lakes" Biscuit said...

Huh...I don't remember hearing about your Minnesota roots. My paternal grandparents owned a farm in Eagle Bend. I visited the homestead in Eagle Bend for a family reunion in the mid-60s--wonder what the place is like now.