Friday, July 24, 2015

Santas But No Sharks

Intrigued by reports of a Carcharodon carcharias gathering at the "Cement Boat" in Aptos (link to sfgate story: Now with video: Great white shark swims under kayak at Aptos near Santa Cruz), TSG decided to cruise down to Santa Cruz to check things out.

Unfortunately we cannot report a shark sighting, but the afternoon wasn't a total loss. After all, how many times does one come across a Christmas in July happening on the beach at Rio Del Mar?

**link to pics for mobile/iOS users:


Parm said...

Those shark sightings all over the place (not to mention shark bitings) have been numerically amazing. Half expecting to read about one in Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Christmas in July. A concept that keeps growing (ever so slowly, but with persistence).

I have vague memories of the concrete boat. Decades ago, couldn't one just walk out on it? Now, it looks like even Lady Gaga might not get a pass.

TSB (The Shark Blogger) said...

I seem to recall walking out on the SS Palo Alto back in the 70s too. Some superficial googling comes up with 2001 as the last time it was accessible to the public. Note to potential visitors: try to stay upwind, since the on-board cormorant colony emits a rather strong odor.

In other shark news, this is the time of year when the leopard sharks come into the shallows out in front of The Marine Room at La Jolla Shores. On a good day there are dozens of them cruising around and interested parties can wade out to commune with them. Just make sure to do the stingray shuffle--the sharks won't hurt you but a barb in the leg can ruin your day--take it from someone who knows.

Parm said...

Yes, I recall TSG's too-close encounter with a ray. Or at least the tale there of. The story "tale," that is, and not the "tail" of the ray. Or proximal thereto.