Tuesday, July 14, 2015

People Are Remembering Live Aid This Week

But how many of them still have their Live Aid Pin? 
And how many of them have it on display?
 TSG is willing to bet not too many. 


Parm said...

Nice! And, I presume, the company kept by that pin on that cork board are, for the most part, pins from places/events that you personally visited/attended?

W. "Pinhead" Biscuit said...

Yep, you got it. My collection is quite a bit larger than what is shown here, but the "cork board" project got put on indefinite hold when I decided I might want to upgrade to a classier display option (nice frame with black velvet backing and non-glare glass).

Parm said...

My pin collection consists exclusively of Hard Rock Cafe guitar pins with the vast majority of them being ones that I personally picked out at the respective venue. 55 of 'em to date (with a few duplicates where, for example, the Bangkok HRC had a tres cool trio of locally-embellished guitar pins on offer). They are in the kind of display case you describe mounted on the wall just outside my home office. Room for about 5 more pins and then I guess it's time to either call the hobby fini or buy another display case.