Sunday, May 17, 2015

TSG Revisits Scene Of Earlier Drive-By Shooting

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Oregon Gifts


Stench of Parm said...


So many "wow's."

This is WAY beyond scrap wood, chicken wire, and papier-mâché.

Wonder what they charge to let people goof around on that roof, snapping group portraits?

yawndave said...

When I decided to head back on I-5, I knew I had to stop in Sutherlin to do a photo-followup. A worthy stop! The shop itself is pretty small with the usual assortment of new-agey gifts and paraphernalia (all from Oregon--the friendly woman behind the counter made a point of saying that all of her merchandise was of local origin).

Fudd said...

We'll have to do that for the next Baja Brigade BBQ party! Maybe dress up Mac with a forest of toadstools...!!