Saturday, May 16, 2015

Things You Might See In Springfield


"Doh!" Parm said...

The African woman (I presume, with no insult to any race, creed, or culture intended) side by side with the lioness is very cool. Don't know what it means or symbolizes, but it is very excellent.

The eyes-a-poppin' skeleton with his (her?) bong of death (or life?) was quite gnarly for public (again, I presume) art.

The Simpson's mural, however, is dynamite!! Absolutely wonderful!!

It is unfortunate that pizza is quite capable of looking like a major yak lying upon some surface of convenience, and your pizza, sir, is an clear example of such. Perhaps, like some people, that particular pie just didn't photograph well.

W. "Himalayan Bovine" Biscuit said...

Re: the pizza pic--I'll admit the pie doesn't look all that appetizing, but I did succeed pretty well with the glowing ale effect ( stuck my ipod behind the glass).

Your comment also inspired me to pair up these photos--one of an eatery in Dunsmuir, CA and the other of a display at the Astoria Maritime Museum: Yaks/Heave Ho