Friday, January 2, 2015

Probably Not A Customer

Soquel Avenue/Aptos, Ca.


Wavy Parmy said...

Hey, hey, hey!! Don't be jumping to conclusions there, TSG! Perhaps that particular "book" harbors a deep (even repressed) desire to sport a new tie-dyed "cover!?"

Or, OK, probably not.

Then again, he could be there to make a purchase for some goofy relative he hardly understands or relates to?

Baby Boomer Biscuit said...

You know, it's kind of weird--I took this pic while saying to myself "Hey look at that old guy walking past a tie-dye shop!" After a moment's introspection I realized that if someone saw me walking by, they might think the same thing!

Parm said...

I hear ya.

I have often seen something, thought casually to myself by way of characterizing what I was seeing that here was some old guy, and then (sometimes quite a bit later) realizing that maybe I'm even older!