Friday, January 30, 2015

A Musical Interlude

A quick visit to Central Coast Music -- Morro Bay's go-to spot for your six string (more or less) needs.


Parm said...

Cool place! It reminds me a little bit of an independent music store called Players Bench in Crystal Lake, IL, only your spot has a touch more eccentricity to it (lunch box guitars, large Gumby's, and a penchant for skulls) that, I must say, adds considerably to the charm and value of a visit!

You didn't include any pictures of the owner/manager or any of the hired help; I an kind of presuming that they are mildly colorful as well?

Willard "Music Store Paparazzi" Biscuit said...

I'm always a little leery about taking pics of places like this and I especially try to avoid taking pics of the customers or staff (who were, as you suggest, a "colorful" bunch. But the vibe seemed pretty laid back so I went ahead. One of the staff did make a point of saying hello to me and asked how things were going and that was about it.