Friday, October 31, 2014

Things You Might See In Hollister

Paul Harvey post script: While we were wandering down 5th Street in search of suitable images to capture, a woman came out of a boutique (Irma's Fashions) and asked what the heck we were doing.

Oftentimes such encounters involve shopkeepers who dislike photography of their establishments for any reason whatsoever. However, this time we were more or less recruited on the spot to come in and document the place ("Can you take some good pictures to put on my Facebook page?")

Being the accommodating sort, TSG accepted the invitation and spent 15 minutes or so inside taking a few pics and passing the time of day. Once the discussion turned to the woman's ex-husband and how he now weighed 350 pounds, we decided to take our leave. Our study of the shop can be seen here: