Saturday, December 27, 2014

SC/SC* Stroll

*San Carlos/Stevens Creek

Or: Things you might see between here and Oak Tree Mazda

(Weird dot in middle of screen is some kind of strange Windows Movie Maker artifact)


San Parm said...

The neon pizza slice was cool. And I quite appreciated, considering the source, the composed/cropped "who" sign featuring the prominent arrow. Also, Willard Street? Don't remember that one, and you'd think I would. Perhaps you had to be there . . . and I never was (on foot, anyway).

The jazzy music did a nice job of lending a walking vibe to the slide show, by the way. Good choice!

Willard @ W. San Carlos said...

The one sign that still has me scratching my head is the "Care-Crab" one right about 53 seconds in.

A bit further on is a pic of The Red Stag Lounge. I have a hazy memory of Nick making up stories about that place--something to do with a piano player there. Ring any bells?