Saturday, December 6, 2014

Another Saturday, Another Xebra

People often ask, "TSG, where do you get your inspiration for your weekly posts?"

Well, okay...people don't actually ask that at all.

But today, inspiration hit us like a bolt out of the blue at the intersection of N. El Monte and Springer Rd on the Los Altos/Mt View border. Check it out. (Notice the appropriately-themed seat covers)


Parm said...

It's too bad they couldn't find any Xebra-skin seat covers, but the Zebra jobs work well, too.

So, obviously this is not a 2008 model, being as it is still there on the street.

Doesn't look like the paint wears too well, does it? And what the heck is sticking out of . . . the gas cap? Oh, wait, this is an electric car, so that is the electric plug/cord, I presume. Doh!

W. "Xebra Hunter" Biscuit said...

Note that while I has much freer access to get "better" close-up photos of this particular Xebra, I was a little paranoid about having the owner coming out of the house and discovering me sniffing around his vehicle. Somehow I doubt an explanation of "Oh, I had a blog post about this type of car last week!" would've gone over too well.