Friday, November 21, 2014

Getting A Round Tuit

Humorous gift shop souvenir, circa 2012/TSG collection

Tonight's bonus video, TSG's "find of the week" is a toe-tapping number from 1969 that features some fantastic dancing. Enjoy!


White-haired Parm said...

Man. That museum milked that little verbal gag for everything it was worth.

The Raiders video was great! I thought I had found all the good Raiders stuff on YouTube but I forget that folks keep adding stuff all the time. And, yeah, the dancers were something else. I do NOT remember seeing white-haired guys like that dancing around like that in the 60's, however! The chicks, yes. I was also amused at how much camera time was given to Keith Allison, no doubt in recognition of his own personal drawing power.

W. "OOTR" Biscuit said...

My take on the Round Tuit coaster is that it's a step up from a wooden nickel. Hmmm...I think they might have had those in the museum gift shop too!

Speaking of "milking it", this is the second post I can think of with West Kern Oil Museum content, and I confess that I'll probably milk it for another post down the road. (They had a mint condition mechanic's guide for "Hamilton Standard Self-Feathering Propellers" that was pretty amazing)