Friday, September 5, 2014

Osprey Encounter CA 108

TSG made a random right turn off of US 395 this afternoon and got to catch some action at the Marine Mountain Warfare VSTOL Expeditionary Airfield. Pretty cool! (Our apologies to the Marines for inadvertently pulling over in a "no-stopping at any time" zone. We were just caught up in the awesomeness of the moment)


Parm said...

Very cool pix, especially the lead-off one!

So, are those things still kind of prone to crashing? Tricky and clicky to pilot.

And, you didn't mention the audio component. Noisy? Quiet? Gut-wrenchingly obnoxious?

W. :"Semper Fly" Biscuit" said...

I don't think the safety/operational readiness issues have been completely resolved but the Marines at least seem committed to using the V-22.

I had initially stopped at the "turn out" you can see in the middle images to take pics of the Ospreys on the tarmac but then I realized I wasn't supposed to park there. After I pulled out and got down the road about half a mile I could hear a loud "wop wop wop" over the wind noise of my 440 air conditioning and my cranked up stereo.

Seconds later another V-22 appeared over the ridge line, and I pulled over (in a permitted area), jumped out, and blasted off a bunch of shots as the Osprey circled around the valley to make it's approach and landing.

It was pretty loud when it was directly overhead, but not as annoying as the CH-47 Chinooks that used to fly out of Miramar in San Diego.