Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wish You Were[n't] Here

Acquired at the Vintage Paper Fair in Golden Gate Park, this packet doesn't have a date, but the USS Barnett (5th image) was stationed at Guantanamo between 1921 and 1936. Stay tuned for other postcard packets from the VPF, including such titles as "Hannibal, Mo., Mark Twain's Boyhood Home" and "With Lewis and Clark over the Lolo Indian Trail".

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Parm said...

These are great. Mostly, I suppose, because of the present day use and purpose of this place. Wow. Wonder if the base gift shop offers an updated set of postcards?

The colorization is also highly interesting and amusing in and of itself.

I was also pleased (unreasonably pleased) to see the rifles stacked in rifle tents in one picture of the rifle range; I think I thought that such a thing was only a comic book convention!