Monday, June 30, 2014

Probably Not Detritus From The Tōhoku Earthquake-Tsunami

Seen at Ketchum Beach, this fishing bouy does seem to be of Japanese manufacture, but there is no way of determining it's provenance(so to speak). The artifact does bear a strong resemblance to items from the disaster that have washed ashore all along the west coast (see last image).

Tsunami debris photo from

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Parm said...

Very cool pix! Some of those are quite surreal and the wide-angle lens hypes the effect. Very nice study.

I presume that you shot this thing as and where found, and didn't move it? It's location was excellent for those pictures - a nice pose.

If only Compan could have found one of these things, he might have been OK. Well, not really, but my mental collection of stuff washed up on beaches is rather small and concise.