Monday, May 19, 2014

WOT (Way Out There) OTR (On The Road) Today


Phone Home Parm said...

Wow. Lot's going on there. Well, maybe the opposite. NOT much going on there.

Has a professional sign painter ever come within even 50 miles of Area 51?

So, how was the jerky?

W "Sky Watcher" Biscuit said...

The job prospects for sign painters along NV 375 must indeed be rather slim. There ain't a helluva lot of potential customers between the jerky place and Rachel (home of the Little Ale'Inn)

I spoke briefly to the owner Pat between bites of my grilled cheese sammy. She didn't have much use for Hollywood types who used her place as a location...without actually filming at the Inn. Apparently Simon Pegg and Nick Frost stopped by to scout locations for "Paul" and to autograph the photos, but that was about it. The crew of Independence Day did a little more in '96, leaving a time capsule.

Pat REALLY had no use for Glenn Campbell (not the singer) who blogged about the UFO-related goings-on in his "Groom Lake Desert Rat" during the mid-90s. She accused him (and Hollywood and everyone else) of stealing her and her husband's idea of a UFO Mecca--and making millions off of it, while the Ale'Inn was left as a lonely tourist trap on the edge of Area 51.

Parm said...

The dark underbelly lurking 'neath every tale of success. Some of it may even be true!