Sunday, December 1, 2013

MVTF Redux (aka TANKS-Giving Weekend 2013)

We recently discovered that the collection of the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation was being transferred to the Collings Foundation (the guys who tour their WWII era bombers around the country, selling rides to people like TSG).

That means that the largest privately-owned collection of tanks, half-tracks, armored personnel carriers and the like will soon be heading back east. Most of the more than 200 vehicles will be sold at auction, the rest will anchor a new museum in Stow, MA. An end of a era in the Bay Area--we'll never see the likes of this magnificent local attraction again.

 So, to pay our last respects, we made the trip up to Portola Valley this weekend to get in a last look.

Choice of backing track for today's slideshow inspired by the final scenes of one of our favorite movies, The Matador (and what's with the stuttering audio on these uploads...can't seem to find a fix...Grrr!).

UPDATE: Due to copywrite issues (we think), TSG had to re-post the video slideshow sans music backing track. Rats.

New video link:

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Parm said...

I delayed a bit watching this, cuz I saw that it was a bit longer than usual and I wanted to have uninterrupted time available to pay attention. That time was just now.

Man. That's a lot of armor!

There's so much going on there that I ended up focusing probably overly-much on the small details. A view of the inside of the tank through the hole for the gun (very amusing), signage, stuff that looked like it was added after the fact, and how cute a tank looks when all curled into a fetal position by the magic of a fish eye lens!