Saturday, October 19, 2013

Whoa Nellie!

As in the Whoa Nellie Deli--a favorite of travelers to the Mono Lake/Lee Vining area for years.
TSG's inaugural visit proved to be extremely tasty.  Pictured: The Grilled Veggie Sammy, with a few french fry to speak.  
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parm said...

Fresh buns make or break many a sandwich. And that bun looks pretty dang fresh.

Willard "Bun Boy" Biscuit said...

The bun(s) did indeed seem to be fresh. I wonder if they get them from down the road--
there are a couple of highly-rated bakeries not too far away in Bishop. (Erick Schatt's is excellent, but I haven't been to Great Basin)

Next time I overnight in the area, I'm definitely going to go for the buffalo meatloaf.

Mr. Bread said...

Gotta love (usually) small town local bakeries. Usually some kind of specialty that's worth the price of admission, and I'm usually happiest when the specialty involves bread or buns.

Unless, of course, the specialty is some kind of knock-your-socks-off chocolate cake.