Saturday, September 28, 2013

Portrait(s) Of The Blogger As A Young(er) Man


parm said...

TSG does favor rocks!

That hairpin turn in the canyon is awesome. Nature has such a sense of humor.

As for that center pic at the top, "Young Yawn Dave" for sure!!! And verily, I doth spy a Fudd, methinks.

"Selfie" Biscuit said...

RE: that "hairpin turn" image: even with a fisheye, I could only fit in one of the multiple "goosenecks" visible from the overlook. According to the Utah State Park website, the San Juan travels 6 miles river miles through the goosenecks to traverse 1.5 linear miles.

(there's a cool interactive aerial panorama of the scene on the AirPano website)

Fudd said...

Nice Pics SG -- totally inspired.