Sunday, June 2, 2013

Watch Out For That Tree

Perusing the local news this morning, this headline caught our eye: Two hurt when towering oak tree shatters and falls in Willow Glen park. Sure enough, the park in question was the scene of the legendary "Free Admission" gig (albeit way on the other side of the park). We took the short walk down to Willow Street to document the dying dendroid event. (According to the news story, the injuries were minor)


Parm said...

Now, this is what I'm talkin' about! Hard-hitting, relevant, news a guy can use!! As the long-touted 4th estate, the media has a responsibility to keep us, the citizenry, informed of majorly significant events like this! But, in fact, most news organizations have shriveled, both in terms of their conviction and in terms of their boots on the ground.

And so, I come to TSG, expecting and receiving postings like this - first hand "I was there" images captured by someone who really cares!

By the way, why did this tree drop? Insects, too much local weedkiller, or did some boisterous teenagers playing tag with a ball accidentally whack it with said ball too hard? Or is it possibly a long-delayed reaction to some detrimental aural exposure it received a few decades ago?

P. Bunyan Biscuit said...

The autopsy results have not been disclosed and it's doubtful that the public will be informed as to the cause of death. It does seem rather odd that the oak literally split right down the middle. I took a walk down there yesterday to see what I could see, but there are still tree-guys working on removing the stump and the area is still cordoned off.

I did see a follow-up article that said parts of the trunk were going to be used by the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County to make "authentic" wheels for an oxcart or some such historical vehicle.

Parm said...

When an oak splits in half around here, lightning is usually to blame, or high (I mean HIGH) winds. When the winds are high enough to nail a tree, though, that fallen tree usually has lots of company. That lone tree going down in Willow Glen is contrary to such a pattern.

But thanks for the follow-up gumshoeing!