Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ye Olde Semper Fi Eye In The Sky

There's something TSG calls a "gem" in almost every museum, something on display that makes the visit worthwhile despite scads of stuff that we've seen a time or three before. Something rare or something we didn't even knew existed, perhaps...and our visit to the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum today proved to be no exception.

 The gem this time out was a AAI RQ-2 Pioneer Drone, first flown by the Marines back in 1986. We've seen similar UAVs in other museums, but we haven't seen one like this, with it's catapult mounted a big 4x6. Pretty scooby!

1 comment:

Parm said...

Did they have an actual thingee on display? I'm guessing not, or we'd be seeing a cool, fish-eye view of that catapult ramp!

Kinda reminds me of Fireball XL5!