Friday, January 25, 2013

Dump Truck Drive-By (?)

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Parm the dumptruck rider said...

Wikipedia actually has something to say about "Chualar."

For starters, that population of "1444" on the sign is from the 2000 census; the 2010 census came up with a different number - 1,190. So, the number of Chualarians in the world is diminishing, it would seem.

The name "Chualar" itself stems from an "indigenous word for an abundant and native goosefoot. This plant could possibly be Chenopodium californicum, the California goosefoot (also known as pigweed)." "Pigweed." Right.

The last census revealed, too, that 96.7% of Chualarians are of Hispanic/Latino heritage (though Chualar did harbor one (I repeat, "one") chap of African American heritage.

No mention, however, of such things as cries of "Akka akka akka!" that might reverberate through the night.