Thursday, December 6, 2012

Spaced Out (Again?)

TSG isn't sure if we've posted these before or not. If so, ignore. If not, enjoy.
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Parm said...

Well. I can say with great certainty that I have never seen these post cards before. What a significant amount of work someone went to creating them! Are the originals, in fact, "post cards?"

Willard "Ort Cloud" Biscuit said...

Yes indeed, these are scans of a (sadly incomplete) set of postcards I purchased at Griffith Observatory in LA. There is also a Halley's Comet card that was out of stock at the time (the grubbers would not sell me the display card)

The artist, Paul McGeHee. apparently had an ongoing series of these cards from off-the-wall "tourist spots" The Comet card and "Greetings from nowhere in particular" can be seen in my latest Picasa album.

Anonymous said...

Can I shагe this to facebook?

Feel free to visit my weblog [deleted]

The Head Grasshopper said...

Sure, feel free to share any of the nonsense you find here. Sorry about deleting your link, but my policy is to protect casual passers-by from any potential internet nastiness. I'm sure you understand.