Saturday, May 19, 2012

Strange Detail Noticed During Our Annual Quad Listening Session

TSG has a tradition of sorts that we observe on 19 May.  We commemorate Pete's B-day by listening to Quadrophenia from beginning to end wherever we happen to be.  This year was the first time we've ever listened on a computer (with tinny earbuds, certainly a downgrade from for our Koss Pro4AAs!) 

 We noticed that it took a little longer than usual for the album details to come up for CD 2. After a few moments the songs displayed in Japanese!    Disc 1 displayed "normally", so we can only assume that we purchased an inadvertently mixed-up copy from the used "record" store.


Parm said...

For what it is worth, given the presence of both katakana and hiragana alphabetic characters, I can confirm that this is, in fact, Japanese as versus something else like, say, Chinese.

I had this happen with, of all things, a CD of Bhrams classical music.

Bewildered Biscuit Guy said...

So what do you suppose causes this? Are my Quad CDs mismatched, or is it the result of some kind of weird manufacturing/distribution anomaly? I don't know how much or what kind of information is resident on the CD vs. pulled off the 'net.

Parm said...

I've always just presumed that someone somewhere put the foreign content into the "machine" and that's what is found when your computer wanders off looking for that content. You can correct it, if you wish, and post that to the "machine" and perhaps over time the English version will become available to all.

Too much work!