Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dead Wildlife And A Guess At Snake ID

This time out, TSG has come up rather short in the "live" wildlife department.  Sadly we haven't even got to see our favorite American antelope on the hoof.  Somehow fate has provided a backup plan for us. As it happens, we've seen many, many fine examples of taxidermy of all kinds of ex-wildlife on our travels. The examples here are from the Cabela's Store in Grand Junction, CO.

Our guess on the snake photo from Spring Mills State Park is a water snake. Either that or maybe the extremely rare Indiana Bushmaster. 

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Parm said...

There wasn't any water very near that particular trail where Mr. Snake was (OK, yes, I'm just guessing as to gender). Another guess someone offered was Bull Snake, but I'll have to say that the picture of a BS on Wikipedia didn't have similar markings to our trail guy.