Friday, April 13, 2012

Random Beatles Newsclippings Circa 1970

Always on the lookout for something "new" to blog about, TSG must admit that sometimes there just isn't anything "new" in our corner of the universe that we consider worthy of a post. Please bear with us--this week we decided to fire up the Wayback Machine and go the Retro Route once again.  
(note that one cartoon caption got trashed in the panning and zooming; it reads,
 "Don't play any Beatles' tunes, Dexter...Dad doesn't dig classical music!")


Also, we were quite amused to find this ad on the flip side of one of the pages:


Parm said...

As always, TSG, you are thought provoking.

The particular thought this particular posting provoked was, I wonder how many Beatles books I have around here? I just did a quick count of bindings, and excluding periodicals, binders of loose materials and trading cards, and music sheet compilations, I have 65 books about the Beatles.

Not sure what to do with or to think about such a statistic, but there you have the provoked thought in all its humble glory.

That said, I have to say that what really brought a smile to this face was seeing a Frontier Village ad juxtaposed with a flea market (albeit not that flea market) ad.

Willard "Yellowed Pages" Biscuit said...

Yeah, the Flea Market/Frontier Village ad pairing was really an eye opener, even if it isn't the right Flea Market. (The "real" Flea Market is quite a different place these days, not nearly as fun as it used to be. It may be looking for a new home as well, I think the new BART station may displace it.

65 tomes on the Fab Four? Quite impressive! I think my own rock-related book collection in it's entirety might approach that number.

I wasn't motivated enough to scan all of my Beatles clippings. There are still a couple dozen that I didn't get to because of the usual technical glitches that tend to haunt me. Why the drivers for my scanner would go AWOL between sessions is a complete mystery to me.

At one point I scanned most of my Who clippings and articles for inclusion in a fellow fan's blog, "The Who In Print", but that effort ran out of steam back in 2009.

Parm said...

Flea Markets in general just aren't much fun any more, mostly cuz they seem to be mostly populated with professional sellers who occupy the same stall year in and year out. Craigs List and Ebay probably deserve some of the blame for regular folks no longer renting a spot at the local flea market to cash in on their junk.

This is kind of random, but I recall you and I setting up shop once at the Flea Market, and towards the end of the day the lady in the spot next to us was having trouble with her car and we ended up somehow helping to siphon gas for her?