Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Interesting Eel-related Article In The Evening Standard (not written by Sparks)

Link to story:There's no substitute for threatened eel and pie shop, says Who star Pete

From the article:

"Rock star Pete Townshend has joined the campaign to save one of west London's last surviving traditional pie and mash shops from demolition.

 This week Hammersmith and Fulham council approved plans to regenerate Shepherd's Bush Market. They propose knocking down Victorian shops in Goldhawk Road, triggering a wave of protest from traders and residents.

Audrey Boughton, co-owner of A Cooke's eel, pie and mash shop, which has been in the same family since 1899, said: "The area needs to be revitalised, not destroyed. There were 114 letters of objection - the council rode roughshod over local opinion."

TSG is all for saving old haunts of the rich and famous, but we think that gentrifying Sheppard's Bush might, in fact,  be good news for the eels.


Parm said...

Those eels are safe from me, I gotta tell ya.

Sounds like someone on that local council has a brother-in-law or something who builds new buildings and has an eye on that real estate.

Maybe this will inspire Pete to write a new rock opera about a lonely, confused lad who grows up in an eel and mash shop?

Willard "Moshi Moshi" Biscuit said...

Hmmm...don't remember if you like sushi or not, but I happen to love unagi. I don't really know how they're prepared in the UK...at this rate it looks like I'll never get a chance to find out.

Parm said...

I'm not a sushi fan. Seaweed leaves me a little, I don't know, over-sodiumized? And raw fish really isn't my thing, though I admit that the raw tuna was sometimes the very best thing amongst a variety of sad choices at business lunches I attended in Japan.