Friday, November 25, 2011

On Black Friday, TSG got up at 0530 for this:

Hey, if they want to pay us to sit around, catch up with some reading, listen to I Heart Radio and (maybe later) watch old episodes of The West Wing, we guess that's okay. 
At least we're in no danger of getting pepper sprayed or robbed at gunpoint. 


Parm said...

Merry Thanksgiving, TSG, and a Happy Black Friday, too. All belated, of course.

I found myself wishing for a higher-rez image that would permit me to zoom in and examine more closely the details of these great narrow, closed spaces.

Watched Ed Wood last night (for the first time). That guy made N&P Productions look fairly competent! (Not that this observation has anything to do with your posting - just a random contribution.)

Willard "O'Drone" Biscuit said...

Link to zoom-able image

Parm said...

How kind! I was able to zoom in and satisfy my curiosity regarding the "Bear in Mind," "James Garner," "Pawnee," and "The Who On Record" titles along with other points of trivial concern and interest! Much thanks!