Thursday, August 11, 2011

FCA!A* (or, Winterland Reunion: Class of 6/14/75)

Yes, TSG and PF go way back...we were big fans of his even before that fateful night, still one of the greatest concerts we've ever experienced.  The show at Wente Bros Winery Tuesday night could of course never compare, but it was nice to spend the evening with Peter and the rest of the band (including fellow Winterland alumnus and bassist Stanley Sheldon--but we kind of missed John Regan).

What we could have done without was the constant yammering of the yahoos in the audience.  Do people go to concerts to LISTEN to the performance anymore?  Not in Livermore they don't.  If we had a lawn, those loudmouthed, smart(?) phone-poking hipsters would certainly not be welcome on it.

Oh, if only TSG hadn't fallen asleep at the wheel and missed getting tickets to the Warfield show. It still wouldn't have been the same, but we would've gotten to see another once-in-a-lifetime event.  Turned out that a fan from far, far away made a rather remarkable guest appearance:

*Again--this tour celebrates the 35th anniversary
of the-then biggest selling live album of all time.


Parm said...

Such odd little coincidences can make up one's day.

Yesterday afternoon I met with a potential new client to discuss his invention. His day job is working as an audio-recording producer at a local significant multi-media recording and processing studio. We were chatting about that (of course!) and, as folks are wont to do, he dropped a couple of names of famous folks that he's worked with in that establishment. One of them was Peter Frampton. Ah, yeah, I've heard of the guy!

Then, this morning, I check out the TSG blog to see if there's anything interesting to be catching up on, and here I find more Frampton references.

It's enough to make me dig out my live double vinyl album and give it a spin once again.

Willard "Tosser" Biscuit said...

Wait! Before you put that needle down, let me add a touch or authenticity to your listening experience. (Even though a confession of rather boorish behavior is required...)

Ok, as you start playing the record, imagine yourself and 5400 other fans, applauding, hooting and hollering, stamping your feet, and generally making a lot of noise in anticpation of the headline act...

Right before Jerry Pompili's famous introduction, out of the corner of your eye you notice a green glowing lightstick (a rather new phenomenon at concerts at the time) being swirled around and around up in the balcony, stage left. Then, like a bolt of green lightning, the glowstick flies into the air towards the stage.

The trajectory isn't quite right,though,and the glowstick bounces off someone's head 3 or 4 rows back. Ouch! It skitters across the stage and comes to rest in front of the drum set. As the lights dim, a roadie rushes out and grabs it...and the festivities begin.

Yes, TSG was the one who threw the glowstick, and we apologize profusely to whomever's head it was that night. Sorry about that!

Parm said...

That's a worthy story! The head guy can be glad that the stick didn't burst open and spew that glowing gook all over them. And darn that spoilsport roadie, anyway!

Such a rowdy concert goer, by the way!! I take it you only came armed with the one glowstick? Or were you heaving other objects that you dare not mention even all these many years later?

Willard "Flaky" Biscuit said...

TSG did not throw any other objects that night, and we immediately thought better of it. That glowstick had enough momentum to put out an eye with the ease of a Red Ryder BB gun.

There was another object-tossing incident years later at the KISS show in Oakland. We were able to bring in a hundred or so mailing-tube caps (imagine a mini-frisbee about 3" or so across) with the KISS logo written on each of them with day-glo markers. Note that these were not smuggled in--we showed the camera bag full of 'em to security and were allowed in without a second glance.

Then, after Bob Seger's set, the camera bag came out, and soon the air was full of mini-KISS frisbees. The crowd had a blast tossing them all over the place for about 20 minutes before the lights went down and the hottest band in the land took the stage. Unfortunately TSG did not have the foresight to keep one of the re-purposed plastic discs for the archives.

Anonymous said...

That's another good tossed-off story. I wonder if anyone out there still has one of those little Kissed Discs in their own personal archives?

And, did anyone whiz one of those little jobs up on stage during the KISS set? I could see that irritating the likes of a Paul or a Gene, actually.