Thursday, June 23, 2011

Me Ed Dog + bonus pic

 The Carter Boys and Duchess
Back yard of 4402 Cannington Dr
c. 1961

Rare photo of the young grasshopper in a pensive moment
Nice hat


Parm said...

A recent warning (by whomever comes up with such warnings) issued nationwide to caution parents to build locked fences around ALL outdoor pools, including specifically this very kind of small, inflatable job. In fact, over 200 small kids drown each year in these, it appears. But man, how pathetic would this picture look with these urchins surrounded by fencing?

As for the hat, well, kudos from this writer. Then again, I suppose one might consider that feint praise indeed.

Parm said...

By the way, I remember those airplanes. Or, I presume the airplane models I recall are these airplanes in the picture. The B-52 isn't there, it seems, but I think that came later in time, right?

Willard "Bombs Away" Biscuit said...

Yeah, the B-52 was an Xmas gift towards the end of the modeling career. I mean, where could I go after something that big>

Incidentally, the shopping center where I got most of those models (Hacienda Gardens) has gone into a strange sort of half-redeveloped/half abandoned limbo. The Cardinal Lounge (formerly The Red Coach) is shuttered, along with five or six other storefronts. I haven't set foot on the property in years, but I might pay a visit next week to check out the Blue Rock BBQ (4 stars on yelp w/428 reviews)