Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let's Spend The Night Together

Disclaimer: TSG cannot vouch for any of these establishments.
To be fair, though, several of them have received decent online reviews.
Which ones, you ask?  Ah, now...that would be telling. 

ps: we just realized that a couple of these
aren't actually lodging-type establishments
oh well


Parm said...

Well, "let's spend the night together" strikes me as something perhaps oft said at the "Gonzo Inn," wouldn't you agree? So, your errors & omissions statement seems unnecessary.

Speaking of 4 stars (yelp or otherwise), I'm guessing none of these establishments are so rated.

Willard "Leave the light on" Biscuit said...

Re: The Gonzo--Considering the locale, I suspect the conversation would be more along the lines of, "We better get to bed early, we've got a long ride on the slickrock tomorrow." Either that or, "The rafting shuttle is gonna be here before dawn tomorrow, let's keep the party short tonight."