Saturday, May 21, 2011

Here's a B-day Celebration I Can Get Behind!

Good thing the world didn't end today...I would have missed the party!

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Parm said...

An observation tailor made for the likes of you, TSG. Glad you caught it.

Wait. You mean YOU weren't raptured today???? Oh, wait, neither was anyone else. Technically, I suppose, that doesn't prove the prediction was wrong; could be that everyone worth rapturing WAS raptured.

But enough of that. Nice birthday cake. And it brought back a memory of one of my first clients in patentland - the client came up with an early way (we're talking late 70's) to put edible photo-like images on cakes. I doubt this particular cake employed that same technology (surely we've advanced dramatically in cake-decorating knowhow, right?) but it is a fond memory nevertheless.