Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ed Carter enjoys Conwy Castle, May 1987

We originally planned to post a sequel to "Ed Carter's Wild Kingdom", but network troubles distracted us and we ended up with this instead.  If you're ever in Wales, check out Conwy, it's a pretty cool town.  When we stayed there, our B&B Host said he was a roadie for the Dave Clark Five...a claim that has gone unverified for all these many years.TSG chooses to believe him, though. After all, it makes our own story so much better!

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Parm said...

I like Wales AND its castles. Also its abbeys. This Edified (ha!) castle you show is bigger than any I have visited; very nice.

Want to know the most enjoyable and amusing and memorable thing I recall from the castles I have visited? Do you?

OK - a special room that protruded from the side of the castle, and hence extended out towards a river running past the castle, and which had a built in outhouse seat with a hole right there to sit upon many floors above the exposed ground below. No need to flush. I'm guessing, however, that folks were disinclined to use this particular facility during times the castle might be under siege by eagle-eyed archers lurking below who might take offense and seek retribution.