Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wish You Were Here?

(Image posted as a public service (!?) to our readers in less temperate climes)

The Anchorage @ Torrent Bay
Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Wish we were there? Hell yeah, we do. Fact is, TSG may very well find ourselves in the vicinity in...oh, say 101 days. But who's counting? If all goes well, our readers will be treated to updates from the north island of Kiwi Land sometime in mid-May.  All it takes is one click to buy the airline tickets.  Then the real work begins. 

Hmmmm....wonder where the passport got stashed.....?


Parm said...

Nice looking place. Uncrowded (unless that doesn't reveal how things normally are).

Huh. How long a flight from LA to NZ? It's a long haul, I'm sure, but, 9 hours or something like that? Or can you even go straight to NZ? Do you have to stop first at a place like Australia or Hong Kong?

Good On Ya Biscuit said...

That spot was pretty secluded when I was there; besides the two kids, there were 5 adults on the beach with me...we were waiting for the shuttle boat to take us back to the main landing at Marahau. Direct flights from SFO clock in at 13 hours westbound & 12 hours eastbound.

Unfortunately, this trip is in possible jeopardy due to the employment issue that was(rather vaguely) hinted at earlier. No cause for alarm at the moment, but changes may be afoot.