Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rare Gadafi (Qaddafi? Kadaffi? Ghaddafy?) Collectible: Not For Sale

TSG purchased this now-topical political pin from a co-worker back in 1986. We are unsure of the provenance of the graphic; a brief google session finds a couple other instances of it on T-shirts. One particular website features a tan shirt with this logo being worn by a rather attractive brunette model.  Upon closer inspection (of the t-shirt, not the model), we can see additional text:  LOONY LEADERS OF THE WORLD NO. 1 / ©1986 JRD ENTERPRISES

There were too many JRD Enterprises to look through at press time, so we'll leave it to more intrepid researchers* to pursue the matter any further.

ps:  who was "Ronaid" Reagan, anyway?

*assuming such a person might actually exist


Parm said...

I have no idea what you paid for this, but it was clearly both too much and too little.

Interesting that someone would spend a fair amount of effort and attention on the illustration but, it would seem, so little on the text?

Perhaps "Ronaid" was a precursor to Farmaid and all the rest? Or perhaps it is misspelled in a different way and should have been Ronade and hence a new Koolade kind of offering? Wait. I just Googled that and discovered that Koolade is actually Kool Aid. So, Kool Aid is marketed as an emergency cooling refreshment?

This is what happens when you begin a blog posting with numerous uncertain spellings and follow it up with clear misspellings. (And thank goodness for spellcheckers or my renderings of "misspellings" would themselves have been misspelled.)

Wiiliarrd Beeskitt said...

I think I paid $2 for that thing back in '86. As I remember it was right around the time of Operation El Dorado Canyon. A humorous commemorative trinket of a 45-plane, 300 bomb attack...only in America, right?

As to the "Ronaid" issue, at first I thought it was the result of a mis-struck "l", but the character appears to be identical to "i" in President. As the quote appears to be made up, perhaps the faux name was used to avoid any legal ramifcations.

Parm said...

Damn lawyers!