Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Your Usual Who Cover Band

Here at TSG we really like to create our own content.  But once in awhile we run across something from the cloud that's worth linking to.  In this case, we'd like to thank fellow member rocketerguy for turning us on to this wonderful cover version of Bell Boy. Enjoy!

PS: as long as we're going with outside content, here's another webbit* we came across this week: did you know that trout will eat piranha if they get a chance? Strange, but true, and here's the article that proves it: Tiddles The Trout: Pandemonium @ The Aquarium!

*short for web tidbit, a term I may have just invented (but probably not)


Parm said...

No doubt he borrowed that squeezebox from his Mama.

And with all that racket in the basement, Daddy, of course, never sleeps.

D. Webster said...

"webbit" pops up here and there on the web (it's even a domain name), but nothing to reflect any popular consensus, and certainly nothing that feels as inherently correct as your proposed usage. Time to add it to Wiktionary?

Perd Haply said...

Wiktionary? That's kind of a high-falutin' place for a homespun TSGism.

I kind of prefer the Urban Dictionary. I see the technical definition of webbit is there, dating back to 2005. Heck, they even have a unique entry for "dub dub dub", a term that I always thought Nick Federoff should get credit for.

I probably won't be posting my definition of webbit on either site. After all, I have this blog entry as a citation in case its origin ever gets called into question.