Saturday, April 17, 2010

Before "Household Fly" there was ..

"The Hungry Intruder" by The Small Faces. Without a doubt, Steve, Ian, Kenney and Ronnie were more musically accomplished then Steve and Dave. But, the diminutive Mods' composition just can't hold a candle to the joie de vivre-infused, simple rustic tone of B.B. classic.

 Here am I, tiny fly
May I share your shepherd's pie?

What is this strange voice I hear?

Here I am, look this way
In the landscape on your tray

There's no need to ask a silly question
If I were you I hope you'd do the same
There's no doubt I'd help a hungry fly
To see you in a fix it's really such a shame

I'm so hungry. I could die
And now I'll be a living fly

My name is Stan, I'm on a quest
Take your fill, Take nothing less

I am that,  that am I
And now I'll be a living fly

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Choose your favorite Elvis

  • Presley: The King, looked great in black leather, holding this cool-looking doublenecked SG.  
  • Costello: Pioneer of the New Wave scene, brilliant songwriter, married to Diana Krall.
  • Other:  Elvis Grbac? St. Elvis of Munster? Elvis Stojko? Elvis Mitchell...?