Monday, December 20, 2010

Too Lazy To Send Out Christmas Cards

Yeah, so you can stop looking expectantly at your snail mail portal...TSG has gone totally digital this year. We're pushing our Season's Greeting right at ya, right here, right now. (Note: as usual, our tools let us down a bit with this project...we're blaming Windows Movie Maker for the out-of-sync music.)

Soundtrack trivia: the Who-ized JTTW/JB mashup is performed by The December People, from the album "Rattle And Humbug". The DP is led by the godfather of Silicon Valley's Prog Rock scene, Robert Berry.

Have a great holiday, everyone!


Parm said...

Ah, yes, the merriness just oozes forth! Very nice. The pix were an entertaining and amusing who-knows-what-will-come-next mix and the music was cool. Cool enough that I found the album on-line and ordered it! So thanks as always for a good tip!

And Merry Christmas back at 'cha, TSG, and an excellent new year, too!

"Ho Ho Ho" Biscuit said...

I don't know how long this will be available, but here's the e-card Ed sent me. It features a weird Santa/garden gnome creature reciting "Christmas" from Tommy. Definitely a trip into uncanny valley territory!

Parm said...

I watched Gentlemen Bronco's in order to see the movie-within-a-movie, Yeast Lords. I was quite amused. The movie was done by the Napoleon Dynamite people and I loved that movie. But having "yeast" figuring so prominently in something so bizarre was great. This yeast lord guy consumes yeast cakes and gains, temporarily, the ability to levitate (and, because it disagrees, it seems, with his digestion, he also gains the ability to do projectile vomiting at an incredible rate and volume and this, in turn, serves a useful defensive/offensive purpose). It was a weird convergence of traditional yeastiness with a bit of The Root tossed in, and mixed with a healthy does of Haynesian cartoons to boot. It is kind of hard to believe that there is someone else out there, besides us, who could have imagined such a thing, frankly. I guess with 6 billion people on the planet, nothing is so weird that it isn't duplicated at least once. We are not, it seems, like snowflakes.