Sunday, September 12, 2010

ROAD FOOD 2 -- Healthy Choices

Here at TSG, we don't want to leave readers with the wrong impression. The Road has good things to eat that are good for you, too. There were many produce stands open on the way home through the central valley this past weekend. Fact is, you can pick up some lettuce up for free if you know where to look (in this case near the mouth of the Salinas River).

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Parm said...

Hey, "Salinas" and "lettuce" within a few words of each other sure bring back a flood of memories. Man.

Roadside stands rock. We're just getting through the fresh midwest ears of corn opportunity and entering the honeycrisp apples opportunity. Yum!

And while they are not necessarily as tied to the concept of "travel" as roadside stands, don't forget farmer's markets, either. Perhaps TSG is familiar with one or more farmer's markets that are worthy travel destinations in and of themselves?