Thursday, September 2, 2010


(Images from The Tech Museum's Khan exhibit/West Coast BB Archives)


Parm said...

Immortal words for an immortal guy!!!!!

It was impossible to read those words and NOT hear a certain somebody giggling luridly in the background.

Looks like this was a fairly comprehensive exhibit, actually. And all about the Kahnman? Did the exhibit explore his descendants?

If I did this correctly, I have left behind a URL that might be of further interest to those interested in these particular lyrics.

Willard Biscuit said...

No linky, Señor P!

Willard, Again said...

RE: the exhibition itself -- The Tech Museum's presentations are well-done, if rather overpriced at $25. There were lots of artifacts; some were original, but there were a lot of replicas, too. I thought it was kind of funny that the previous exhibit was the Star Trek Experience, which featured a video clip of Shatner's famous exhortation to the Corinthian Leather guy.

As to tracing Khan's family tree, I can tell you that studies say as many as 17 million men in Central Asia share a pattern of Y chromosomes within their genetic sequences, indicating the Mongol conqueror could be a common ancestor.

Parm said...

Actually, I DID leave the link! It is my name, "Parm," there in the comments. That said, it doesn't seem to work properly. Click it, and you should be directed to a short audio clip of relevance here. When I click it, however, the audio player gets ready to play, and the URL looks right, but nothing happens. Oh well. Call the IT police.

17,000,000 descendants? Man. There's probably a whole different song in exploring that particular factoid.