Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Dedicate This Video To Toadstool Recording Studios

We recently paid a visit to the BB website and were dismayed to learn of the near-tragic influx of dihydrogen oxide. Thankfully things seemed to have worked out okay. Here's wishing TSR all the best, and we hope it continues it's long tradition as an underground hit factory.


Parm said...

PG is an interesting cat, no doubt. An interesting array of stuff he's got stacked on that table. And which microphone was live, when??? Hate to be his soundboard guy, huh?

As for the sentiments, blog to url, how very kind. I'm sure the folks at Toadstool Recordings are pondering remakes of songs like When the Levee Breaks (into, perhaps, When the Window Well Drain Breaks), and one can only hope they'll realize that folks like Gabriel have already been there, and done that.

Parm said...

By the way, it took a couple of days to be able to watch that video. For some reason playback was cranky and I just couldn't get it to roll. The anticipation, however, was amply rewarded.

Willard Biscuit said...

That clip is from his excellent concert DVD, "Growing Up Live". The dual mic setup, I think, is because he uses the headset mic for the majority of the show, but he uses the one at the keyboards for that particular song as well.

Here Comes The Flood gave me shivers the very first time I heard it, and it still does, more than 30 years later. The version here, (and the one on Robert Fripp's album, "Exposure") is sparse and simple as opposed to the more heavily-produced number that Bob Ezrin put on Gabriel's first solo album. I think they're all beautiful.

For a long time I interpreted the lyrics as being about a literal flood--you know, with water and all that--but I was surprised and delighted to discover that there was a different inspiration for the song. This is what PG told his friend, Armando Gallo, about it:

"When I wrote this song I had an obsession with short-wave radio and I was always amazed at the way in which the radio signals would become stronger as daylight faded. I felt as if psychic energy levels would also increase in the night. I had had an apocalyptic dream in which the psychic barriers which normally prevent us from seeing into each others' thoughts had been completely eroded producing a mental flood. Those that had been used to having their innermost thoughts exposed would handle this torrent and those inclined to concealment would drown in it."