Sunday, April 11, 2010

Choose your favorite Elvis

  • Presley: The King, looked great in black leather, holding this cool-looking doublenecked SG.  
  • Costello: Pioneer of the New Wave scene, brilliant songwriter, married to Diana Krall.
  • Other:  Elvis Grbac? St. Elvis of Munster? Elvis Stojko? Elvis Mitchell...?


Parm said...


Well, what about "Little Elvis?" As in, Elvis's "Little Elvis?" Yes, that "Elvis" and THAT "Little Elvis."

OK, there's probably no pictoral support in those regards. Frankly, I really HOPE there's no pictoral support.

OK, getting serious here, I'd have to say that my favorite "Elvis" would be an "Elvis impersonator."


Then again, when I think about it, between Poison Ivy League and Little Egypt, I guess I'll have to go with the King himself.

fudd said...

I especially like the Elvis with the double-neck SG!!!

Willard Biscuit said... love for Declan McManus? I'm a little surprised. Let me take this opportunity to recommend his excellent Sundance Channel "talk show", Spectacle: Elvis Costello with...

Also worth mentioning (I guess) is ex son-in-law Nic Cage's adventure with The Flying Elvi in the film Honeymoon in Vegas.

Last but not least,let us not forget that Elvis is Everywhere!

Parm said...

I kinda like a little Elvis (not to be confused with "Little Elvis").

And I got nothing but props to offer a twin-neck SG.

But, Elvis with a twin-neck SG?

Isn't that like a fireman with a flyswatter? Or the proverbial fish with a bicycle?

Mojo Nixon is pretty amusing. Thanks for the link!

EP said...

What's all this yackety yak about this Elvis and that Elvis. Wha'cha tryin' to do? Suggest that there actually IS more than one "Elvis???"

Tha's jus' a cryin' shame, is what it is.

Now ah'm all depressed. Gotta go find me a fried peanut butter and banana sam'wich or som'thin'.