Saturday, April 17, 2010

Before "Household Fly" there was ..

"The Hungry Intruder" by The Small Faces. Without a doubt, Steve, Ian, Kenney and Ronnie were more musically accomplished then Steve and Dave. But, the diminutive Mods' composition just can't hold a candle to the joie de vivre-infused, simple rustic tone of B.B. classic.

 Here am I, tiny fly
May I share your shepherd's pie?

What is this strange voice I hear?

Here I am, look this way
In the landscape on your tray

There's no need to ask a silly question
If I were you I hope you'd do the same
There's no doubt I'd help a hungry fly
To see you in a fix it's really such a shame

I'm so hungry. I could die
And now I'll be a living fly

My name is Stan, I'm on a quest
Take your fill, Take nothing less

I am that,  that am I
And now I'll be a living fly

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Parm said...


A few days ago I was perusing YouTube playing a variety of Small Faces tune. I missed this one, though.

How incredibly 60'sish, huh? Probably the sort of thing one might write after having blown one's mind at, say, Itchycoo Park.

The album with "The Hungry Intruder" released in May of 1968, scant months before "Household Fly" was penned I think). Must of been something in the air. Or perhaps we were all inspired by "Boris the Spider."