Thursday, December 24, 2009

You can never get too much Ventures Xmas music!

Pardon the audio hiccup in the beginning....


Parm said...

Very nice!

The pix are most amusing. Can these possibly all relate to a single visit to some Santaish place?

This is the only Ventures xmas tune I am aware of - I wish these guys made a complete holiday-themed album. They made so many other albums, themed and otherwise, it's kind of hard to figure out why they didn't.

Speaking of Ventures, I can't think of them without thinking of the Ventures in Space triumph, and I can't think of THAT album without thinking of the interview with K Moon I once read where he identified that album as having been a huge influence upon him.

Merry Kringle and Good New Years to ye!

Willard Biscuit said...

Behold: The Ventures Christmas Album:

Parm said...

Awesome! A must download (it doesn't seem to be available in any other format these days.

Plus - there is a second Ventures Xmas album ( The 2nd one was recorded, it seems, in 2002 and doesn't have the same kinds of clear intro-segues that the 1st album uses to great effect. The 2nd one also reportedly has two songs they sing on (or attempt to sing on).

Excellent! One never knows how edifying a stop by the Grasshopper's virtual pad is going to be on any given day.