Friday, December 18, 2009

Seasonable Greetings

We'd like to thank Maureen Peters (winner of the "Best Peasant" award)for providing another cool image to post! This is a scan of the Xmas card* that she picked out for me. Quite appropriate for a wish-you-were-here kinda guy.

Happy Holidays !!

*original image created by Pam Bliss


Parm said...

You know, it kind of looks like Santa has one red glove, and one black glove. In the spirit of Macca's black carnation in opposition to the remaining lad's non-black one's, I'm thinking this is a clue - Santa's DEAD!!!!!

Willard Biscuit said...

Actually, if you look closely, the "black glove" looks more like a charred stump. Possibly a chimney/fireplace-related injury?

Oh, and speaking of Paulie, have you seen the video of his cameo on Neil Young's live version of "A Day In The Life"?

(If you're not a NY fan, jump to 2:45)

Parm said...

That's an amusing video. Ya just never know who's gonna walk on from backstage when you start channeling Beatles tunes.