Friday, December 4, 2009

Not What I Was Looking For

Somewhere in the bowels/nether reaches of my 35mm archives is a photo of the famed "Carter X-Jump" taken at Utah's Goblin Valley State Park.  Taken at night even--with yours truly wearing a pair of neon-green swimtrunks (received earlier in the day as a birthday present).

Too bad I couldn't find it. I promise to keep looking, though. Meanwhile, enjoy this photo of a family of mountain goats browsing in the scree near Glacier National Park's Logan Pass. (Going To The Sun Road can be seen in the background.)

ps: Please excuse the lousy photoshopping
of the peaks in the background. I was trying
to get a bit more contrast in the sky, but it 
didn't quite work out the way I intended.


Parm said...

This is an absurdly excellent photo! Mountain goats are excellent subjects regardless, but seeing a bunch together like this is very cool (I'm really only used to seeing one or two such goats in a single shot save perhaps for a National Geographic study or something like that).

Original X-Jumper said...

Okay, fine, SeƱor Nitpick---Why don't we split the difference and call it an X-Pose instead?