Monday, May 26, 2008


"Create Beauty In Outer Space"

A special holiday post? Well, not really. A flash of inspiration? Well, sort of. After exhausting my Netflix queue ("The Flock", "The Chronicles of Narnia","The Mosquito Coast"), I uploaded some pics from my ramble earlier today (see previous post). These two bits of found prose, mashed together, not only form an admonition to citizens of the cosmos, they also fit in perfectly with the Grasshopper's curiously idiosyncratic (ahem) style.

*yet another new series?

Flying (?) Monkees [sic]?

AKA: Embed, The Sequel: "Mission NOT Accomplished". Due to more technical difficulties, the version I WANTED to embed won't play. Damn you,! To see the much more interesting version(that shows the strobe effect), you'll have to follow this link:

Giving credit where it's due, this installation by Peter Hudson is entitled "Homouroboros". It made it's debut at last year's Burning Man, and is part of this year's 01SJ Art Festival. The Grasshopper video crew will endeavour to re-visit the zoetrope after sunset, as the effect is more interesting with the colored, drum-fired lighting and stroboscopic effects going off against the darkness.