Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey kala ho kala ho la jai

Castle Rock
--California, that is.
(Not to be confused
with Castle Rock, Co.
--site of the Parmelee
Memorial Drag Strip)

Our roving reporter has uncovered additional details
on the mysterious video trove. Who would have suspected
that a dead person named Dave would be involved? Turns
out that Hermitage Arms' recently-departed manager
had acquired the blue VHS shipping cases as spoils of an
eviction. The tenant had been a deadbeat from day one,
leaving behind various items of dubious provenance.
A neighbor had gone to clean out the late Mr. Whitver's
storage unit, and decided to leave the the VHS suitcases out rather
than throw them directly into the dumpsters.
So now you know part of the rest of the story.

1 comment:

Parm said...

Whoa. Down in the gloom of the murky woods indeed!

That thing looks, for all the world, like a big, horrible, bloated, drooling, slobbering toad from space. I am not kidding.

I quite like it!

We, the readers, also much appreciate the follow up details on the tale of the tapes. And we shall know them by the trail of abandoned video tapes . . . .